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Who we are

InDeplo is a company that integrates end to end engineering solutions, and operates in the platforms of Project Management Office (PMO) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Frankcasino, with world class quality standards - Built-in Quality Assurance (BQA).


Distinguishes itself for delivering assurance, reliability, quality, technological innovation and specialized resources in all of its projects.

Our Objective

To become strategic partners of our clients.
Our model: tooffer end to end solutions to engineering projects so that our customers canmaintain focused in the main activities of their business, meanwhileobtaining savings in the implementation, operation and administration oftheir projects.

Our pledge

To offer focused attention to the personnel that supports corporate and operational activities.
Our implementation: to keep constant communication with our operational teams in order to be aware of their needs and be able to retain their knowledge

Our Philosophy

Ware of our function as active members of the Mexican society and Azartplay casino, and the impact of our operational and administrative activities, we are a Socially Responsible Enterprise.
Our added value: we participate in social campaigns with non-governmental organizations and activities that enrich the growth of our Mexican youth.

Our solutions are ideal for the following industries<br>

Telecommunications and Media

We offer streaming services and Big Data, as well as technological solutions that can accelerate their digital transformation


We provide IT services and infrastructure for company operations that will influence their customer experience

Industry and Manufacturing

We help enterprises focused in production activities in the adoption of disruptive technologies to take in digital transformation

Public sector

We back technological adoption in order to assume an efficient interaction within the community and public service providers


We offer solutions for the recollection, monitoring and off-premises real time management, to achieve a safe and efficient mining production


We offer services and technologies ranging from long distance and real time monitoring, up to systems that will help speed up processes and improve productivity


We have technological tools such as artificial intelligence and systems that promote operational excellence


We integrate interactive technologies and artificial intelligence to merge entertainment, well-being, learning and convergence of products


Site Survey & Engineering Lay Out

We assist in the process of data gathering, acceptance, creation, use and preservation of IT structures

Comission, Integration and Delivery

We offer installation, comission and management services, integration and delivery of telecommunication networks, data centers, control and operation centers, call centers, etc

Logistics, Delivery and Operational Coordination

We provide personnel and specialized tools in warehouse management, delivery and operational coordination, inventory management, handling, routes and project operation

Project Management Office (PMO)

With the expertise and experience of our professional staff, we implement the best practices in project management as recommended by the Project Management Institute (PMI)

Outsourcing and Staffing. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

We have specialized personnel to optimize our customer processes and provide them the technological tools that will help them improve their productivity

Service, Support and Maintenance

We have the specialized personnel and tools to offer service, support and maintenance, for IT equipment, personnel and end users; geolocated information, control panels and reports that allow continuous monitoring

Our Certifications

Certified Company ISO 9001:2015

Ecovadis -Since August 2018

Distintivo Ecovadis, avala que las operaciones de inDeplo cumplan con los requisitos de sustentabilidad medioambiental

Certified Company ISO 9001:2015

ESR Since April 2019

“Socially Responsible Enterprise” is a recognition of our participation in the social context and the safeguard of the work-family relations of all inDeplo’s workforce

Success stories

NOCs operation

We have carried out the process from beginning to end (from design, construction, to commissioning) for the operation of NOCs - Network Operations Centers - for internationally renowned companies.

Success stories

Experience in Data Networks

As experts in information technologies, we have experience in the installation and commissioning of demarcators in Shared Access Networks for major telecommunications companies.

Success stories

Operation Support

We are experts in the installation, implementation, training, support and start-up of help tables for various technology related projects.

Success stories

High impact projects

InDeplo has been part of the installation and commissioning of equipment for the development of the "Mexico Connected" project.

Success stories

Staff and operations

Our staffing process has allowed us to achieve the integral collaboration of specialized personnel in different areas, such as electricity, air conditioning and hydro sanitization, for major remodeling, even in the retail industry.

Success stories

Excellence in End-to-End Service implementation

We have carried out several projects that consist of a comprehensive service to manage facilities, with which we have managed to reduce costs of the operational structure of our customers.


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